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Are ITV the unluckiest commissioner of opinion polls?

22 April 2010 , , , ,
In the run-up to the 2005 general election, there was some excitement as a rolling poll commissioned by ITV from Populus showed the Conservatives slipping to a result even worse than 1997. However, there was a sharp (5 point) recovery in the final pre-election day poll from Populus, which was a normal non-rolling poll. Picking over [...]

The least impressive use of social media this year?

24 April 2009 , ,
In short: ITV and Susan Boyle. The massive popularity of her clips on YouTube and elsewhere shows just how powerful social media can be at amplifying a story – and also how the ability to catch up on an event after it happens helps recreate those ‘water cooler’ moments which used to rely on lots […]