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Now a London Labour activist wants their Euro-selections rerun

10 July 2013 , , ,
I’ve mentioned the attack on UNITE’s “autocratic monopoly” from a London Labour activist, and the way another Labour councillor and cabinet member has condemned Ed Miliband’s union reform plans as “panicky”. Now another complaint has sprung up from within Labour’s ranks: Ed Miliband today faced calls to rerun the London contest to select Labour candidates […]
Nicki Brooks

That’s so not how to select Euro candidates

10 April 2013 , ,
Jon Worth has the story: Someone who was on the selection panel who seems to have selected… herself. And then deleted the tweets [with the evidence. As he recounts regarding Labour candidate Nicki Brooks: There were two tweets from @NickiBrooksx dated 16th February that seemed to show she had sat all day on the selection panel. I […]
Facebook screenshot. Picture credit: Gauldo, Flickr

Is the problem with Facebook deleting too much or too little?

4 June 2011 , , ,
Facebook’s habit of deleting profiles or pages which don’t fit with its rules was in the news recently when over 50 British political accounts were deleted. I’m with Jon Worth on that story – which is that all the accounts in question were breaking Facebook’s own stated rules so a significant part of the responsibility […]