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Two things to note about the Daily Mail’s attacks on the Lib Dems over Cyril Smith

16 April 2014 , ,
It's not really about the Lib Dems or Cyril Smith. It's about press regulation. As the last line in the latest Daily Mail editorial says, "With people like these to contend with, could there be any more powerful argument for keeping politicians’ grubby hands off the freedom of the Press?"
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The odd maths behind the NHS fraud story

24 March 2014 ,
There’s lots of coverage in the news today about how much fraud there is the NHS, complete with Labour calling it a “scandal”. Yet poke beneath the numbers and where do they come from? A very simple calculation of what the total level of fraud would be if the NHS suffered from the same amount […]
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The future of news: Nate Silver’s take

20 March 2014 ,
Poster boy for statistical predictors, Nate Silver, has a new piece out explaining the vision for the future of journalism which lies behind his new site FiveThirtyEight: Our methods are not meant to replace “traditional” or conventional journalism… Still, I would never have launched FiveThirtyEight in 2008, and I would not have chosen to broaden its […]
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The power of Twitter: Alan Sugar’s version

7 February 2014 , ,
"What I love about twitter, I have more followers that newspapers have readers. I can expose publicly the nasty tricks they get up to." - Alan Sugar
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Political journalists regularly did what I wanted in return for getting a story given to them – Damian McBride

30 December 2013 , , , ,
Many British journalists are so keen to have a good story to run, they are easily bought off and distracted by government spin doctors who can get them to ditch an unwanted story as long as the spin doctor has a better story to offer up as journalistic payment. That is the basic story of […]

Drones and journalism: an example of the future from Bangkok

12 December 2013
Via Benedict Evans comes this example of a drone being used to film riots in Bangkok: Of course the media already has access to helicopters, but they are expensive and the ease of getting a helicopter in the right place varies hugely depending on where a story is happening. Covering a London traffic jam is […]
White House Press Corps after being told of attack on Pearl Harbour. Photo via

What journalists did before Twitter

9 December 2013
Great photo of the White House press corps, moments after being told of Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
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Not sure the Daily Mail has quite got the hang of this copyright lark

27 September 2013 , , ,
Not sure the Daily Mail have quite got the hang of this copyright lark...
Media interview. Photo © iStockphoto

Damian McBride demonstrates rule of political journalism #27

20 September 2013 ,
Rule of political journalism #27: When writing about spin doctors smearing political opponents in the media, remember that your colleagues who ran the stories bear no responsibility. And so: .@DPMcBride revelations in a nuthshell: his book says he regularly manipulated journos; journos say nothing of interest in book #FancyThat — Mark Pack (@markpack) September 20, […]

Journalists continue to ask the wrong question about hung Parliaments

15 September 2013 , ,
With Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow, it is understandable that journalists are breaking out the hung Parliament speculation file. Yet almost all the speculation is deeply flawed, repeating long-standing errors and failing even to learn from 2010. Speculating about whether the Lib Dems might prefer Labour or the Tories in a hung Parliament may be […]