Here are my posts about the state of journalism and how it is carried out, mainly focusing on the UK but with the occasional piece about other countries too.

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The future of news: Nate Silver’s take

Poster boy for statistical predictors, Nate Silver, has a new piece out explaining the vision for the future of journalism which lies behind his new site FiveThirtyEight: Our methods are not meant to replace “traditional” or conventional journalism… Still, I would never have launched FiveThirtyEight in 2008, and I would not have chosen to broaden its … Read the full post »

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Damian McBride demonstrates rule of political journalism #27

Rule of political journalism #27: When writing about spin doctors smearing political opponents in the media, remember that your colleagues who ran the stories bear no responsibility. And so: .@DPMcBride revelations in a nuthshell: his book says he regularly manipulated journos; journos say nothing of interest in book #FancyThat — Mark Pack (@markpack) September 20, … Read the full post »