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There’s going to be some fun conversations between editors and journalists tomorrow

Imagine the scene… It’s Sunday afternoon and an editor is on the phone to a journalist. Editor: Thanks for filing this piece about the Lib Dem NHS debate. Journalist: Good piece, isn’t it? Editor: There’s just one thing I don’t understand. Journalist: Oh, what’s that? Editor: Well, you know how you say there was a […]
A horse

Today’s journalism in full, as seen from Whitehall

2 March 2012
Horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse. Horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse. Horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse. (Oh, and EU leaders sign major new treaty in latest attempt to avoid economic meltdown.) Horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse. Horse, horse, horse, […]

Polly Toynbee and journalism

26 February 2012 ,
A letter to The Guardian: Polly Toynbee writes (24 February) that journalists “précis a muddled reality into a narrative of right and wrong”. However, the very best of journalists manage to combine a clear sense of morality with an understanding of the muddled and complex nature of reality – presenting a fully rounded picture to […]
Fig tree leaves

Paul Waugh: 12 years ahead of the rest of the media pack

24 February 2012 ,
Paul Waugh*, writing in July 2000**: OMG! High cost of fig trees for Portcullis House! Rest of press pack, writing in February 2012: OMG! High cost*** of fig trees for Portcullis House!****   * An old journalist interjects: I wrote about it back then too! ** A young journalist objects: oi! some of us were still […]

How the Guardian makes the news, then reports the news

8 February 2012 , , ,
A nimble two-step from The Guardian: 1. Polly Toynbee sends tweet encouraging all and sundry to take part in an open-access online poll being run by the BMJ. 2. The Guardian reports result of said BMJ poll. Then only thing missing, alas, is: 3. The Guardian then realises that reporting a voodoo poll which its [...]

Why I (still) read the Daily Mail

2 February 2012 , ,
Four years on, I’m still a Daily Mail reader (even if they think I’m a foreigner). Here’s an updated explanation. I once rang the Daily Mail to mildly complain about a story I had a connection with. The journalist I spoke to put me on hold while he conferred with a colleague. At least, he thought he [...]

Media left reeling in shock as its stories turn out to be true

15 January 2012
Media Blog has the story of how three newspapers are all shocked that a story they had reported turned out to be right.
Daily Express Headlines Wordle - using data from

A year of Daily Express headlines in one graphic

4 January 2012 ,
Lovely bit of compilation and analysis done over on Bibliophylax’s blog, putting together all the front page main headlines from the Daily Express for 2011. In that list they are sorted by theme, which made me wonder which words crop up most often. And so this word cloud: UPDATE: And here is a similar list […]
Annette Brooke

What Andrew Grice left out of his report for The Independent

7 December 2011 , , ,
Yesterday’s Indy carried a story by Andrew Grice about a “confidential” Lib Dem report from Annette Brooke MP attacking the government’s planning proposals. “Confidential” is an interesting (that’s polite speak) word to use. Because what is in the report? Well, it is actually a collection of views already expressed in public, in Parliament and recorded […]

Oh look, bedrooms contain only blonde women

6 December 2011 ,
Clichéd, old-fashioned use of female blondes to advertise bedroom products? Not surprising. That it should be The Guardian perpetuating the sexist shopping clichés? Less impressive. Though given the paper’s vision of only women doing cleaning or its obsession with photos of Sienna Miller, not too surprising either.