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Wealth Inequality in America thumbnail

Wealth Inequality in America

17 April 2013 ,
Whether your interest is America, economics or clever presentation of data, this video is well worth a watch.

Sometimes to win an argument, you need to adopt your opponent’s point of view

2 January 2013 , ,
Framing, that is the way in which a choice is presented, is often key to winning political (and indeed non-political) debates. Consider the following two statements...

What does the data show about the Obama campaign’s use of data?

17 November 2012 , , ,
So far, there has been a weird paradox at the heart of the coverage about the Obama 2012 campaign machine. On the one hand we’re all meant to be impressed by how it was based on data and analysis, honing campaign techniques and targeting activity based on what the data said. On the other hand, [...]

A longer read for the weekend: how Obama orders the death of terrorists

This week the New York Times ran a fascinating, detailed study of the drone war being fought by Barack Obama as he decides which alleged terrorists will be targeted by the American military: Mr. Obama has placed himself at the helm of a top secret “nominations” process to designate terrorists for kill or capture, of [...]

Thirty years of American politics satirised in three minutes

15 June 2012 ,
Great fun: * Mark Pack has written 101 Ways To Win An Election and produces a monthly newsletter about the Liberal Democrats.

One of the worst ever answers in a US political TV debate

25 May 2012 , ,
I’ve been finishing up the latest draft of my forthcoming book on political campaigning, co-written with Ed Maxfield. In it we talk about Michael Dukakis’s 1988 blunder: When he was nominated Dukakis enjoyed a big lead in the polls yet he ending up losing badly. The campaign struggled on a number of fronts but one […]

Nasty negative ad as political race turns sour

5 March 2012 , ,
First there was the positive ad: Now there’s this: Give the target of that nasty ad a hand: sign up on Facebook. You can also watch the rebuttal: Hat-tip: Thanks to Andreas Kierig for alerting me to the first of these adverts I saw. * Mark Pack is Co-Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice and writes [...]

Learning lessons from the US elections: four legal differences you need to know

19 January 2012 , ,
Many of the differences between American and British election campaigns are not the result of American campaigners having good ideas the British should copy, but rather are the result of four key legal differences between the two countries.

You know what we’re doing wrong? We’ve not introduced tax breaks for wooden arrows

11 January 2012 ,
What do we want? Section 503. When do we want it? Now. Oh, you want to know what Section 503 is? Read here.

Even left-wing politicians will be hoping Newt Gingrich turns out to be a role model

23 June 2011 ,
Newt Gingrich, a right-winger whose bid to become US President looks to be crashing and burning after many of his senior staff walked out on his campaign, is not an obvious role model for British politicians, especially those not on the right. But at heart quite a few all across the political spectrum would, I [...]