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Political infographic: how the Lib Dems are structured

14 June 2013
How the Liberal Democrats are structured.

Four essential Twitter lists for Liberal Democrats (2013 version)

5 June 2013 , , ,
If you’re interested in the Liberal Democrats and you’re into Twitter (start drawing that Venn diagram now), here are four lists to help you get the best out of the social network: Liberal Democrat MPs (44 currently) Liberal Democrat peers (24 currently) Liberal Democrat MEPs (11 currently) Liberal Democrat council leaders and directly elected Mayors (6 currently) (Note – […]
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The Liberal Democrats, the allegations and the consequences

25 February 2013 ,
Here's what I told the BBC...
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A surprisingly good online debate about ex-Liberal Democrats

12 January 2013 ,
Online comment threads don’t exactly have the best of reputations for high quality debate. Add to the mix a thread being not just about contemporary politics but also about the Liberal Democrats, coalition and tuition fees to boot and it’s not hard to find plenty of such threads which do indeed make you wonder how […]
Income Tax square on Monopoly board. Photo courtesy of Images of Money on Flickr. Some rights reserved

Newsletter 29 is out: an Autumn Statement debrief

Now the dust is settling, how is the Autumn Statement looking? That was the topic of the latest edition of my monthly email newsletter, which you can also read online here. If you would like to receive the next edition of the newsletter direct to your own inbox, just sign up here. It’s free! You […]
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Party funding: Lib Dems outraise Labour from non-trade union sources

20 November 2012 , ,
According to the latest figures for declared donations* to political parties, the Liberal Democrats have brought in more money than Labour from private donors and companies (i.e. excluding trade unions), making it 11 quarters out of the last 13 where that has been true: Liberal Democrats: £454,747 Labour £353,455 Good work once again by all those […]
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Newsletter 27 is out: the Liberal Democrat search for a message

Edition #27 of my email newsletter about the Liberal Democrats looks to have gone down particularly well with readers. If you’ve missed out on the special edition about the party’s search for a message, you can catch-up by reading it online here. If you would like to receive the next edition of the newsletter direct […]
Nick Clegg at party conference. Photo (c) Liberal Democrats, some rights reserved.

Newsletter #25 is out: conference coverage and analysis

A combination of quick thinking, fast typing and a long standing ovation for Nick Clegg meant that newsletter #25 covering party conference started hitting people’s email inboxes this week just before the applause finished at the end of conference. My fingers have now just about recovered, and if you missed out on the newsletter you […]
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How do the Liberal Democrat MPs on Twitter measure up?

10 September 2012 , , ,
Welcome to the latest in my roughly annual series of posts looking at how Liberal Democrat MPs are doing on Twitter. As with any league tables, the figures should be taken with a pinch of salt, all the more so given the vagaries of attempts to boil down someone’s Twitter use into a single figure […]
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Latest Lib Dem membership figures and accounts

From today’s publication of party accounts by the Electoral Commission for national party organisations (i.e. excluding some of the component parts of the parties): Liberal Democrats Income £6,204,766 Expenditure £6,504,743 Surplus / (deficit) -£299,977* Membership 48,934** * There would have been a £217,473 surplus had it not been for a one-off write-off of a debt […]