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Who will be the Liberal Democrat candidate for London Mayor?

Yesterday London Region chair Jonathan Fryer outlined the timetable for selecting the party’s London Assembly and Mayor candidates. But who will be in the running to be the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London? As previously covered, Lembit Opik has publicly declared his intention to go for the selection. Regular readers of this site will [...]

Lembit for London campaign watch

30 August 2010 , ,
Contradictory news from Facebook about the state of Lembit Opik’s campaign to become the Liberal Democrat candidate for London Mayor. The number of fans of his campaign page is now up to 178. However, although his campaign says the page is “the main point of contact for those involved in the campaign to win the [...]

How much does it cost to police major protests?

30 August 2010
Interesting figures from the Met Police: Tamil Ceasefire protests – estimated total policing cost of £12.8m G20 Summit – estimated total policing cost of £7.4m Notting Hill Carnival – estimated total policing cost of £6.6m Summer Climate Camp – estimated total policing cost of £2.3m Some of those seem pretty good value for money such [...]

Fewer people, venue moved in-house yet costs go up: bravo, Boris

24 August 2010 , , ,
Adam Bienkov has the remarkable story of how Mayor of London Boris Johnson managed to up the costs of the annual ‘State of London’ debate despite cutting back its scope, moving it from an external venue to City Hall and having fewer people attend. One extra detail I’d add to what Adam has covered: looking [...]

Lembit for London campaign watch

23 August 2010 , ,
Lembit Opik’s plans to run for London Mayor have been widely trailed for some time and the man himself has taken steps such as a lengthy interview on London’s LBC radio station with Conservative blogger Iain Dale. His campaign for the Liberal Democrat selection has provoked many negative responses from Liberal Democrat members (such as [...]

Met set to lose £5m from collapse of Icelandic bank

29 June 2010 , ,
London’s Metropolitan Policy Authority had £30m deposited with Landsbanki, the Icelandic bank which collapsed in late 2008. Combing through some of the latest financial information from the MPA, it’s clear that the MPA is now expecting (at best) to get 83% of that back, leaving the police with a £5.1m loss. Ouch. Though not so [...]

Should Lembit Opik be the Liberal Democrat candidate for London Mayor?

29 June 2010 , ,
The news that Lembit is interested in running for Mayor has produced a flurry of comment online from Liberal Democrats (such as Andrew Reeves’s piece) so over to you: what do you think?

Lib Dem MPs in the news

Lembit Opik is interested in becoming Mayor of London, while The Guardian has a round-up of comments from backbenchers about the Budget. Although all are anxious about one aspect or another, notably they all overall support is as with Annette Brooke: I don’t like the budget but I dislike the economic situation we find ourselves [...]

An unexpected consequence of opening up data

25 June 2010 ,
I blogged recently about the welcome moves being made to open up London’s transport data to wider use. A great example of what opening up data can produce is the map showing the locations of tube trains on the network in real time – available for free and produced thanks to the enthusiasm and civic-mindedness [...]

Welcome news as London transport data opened up

15 June 2010 , , ,
As Wired reports: Transport for London has announced that it’s lifting all restrictions on the commercial use of its data. The move could fuel an explosion in mobile apps that need access to the datasets, making them more attractive to developers who want to charge for their apps. Currently, TfL offers up a selection of [...]