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What an advertising outsider thinks of the Brian Paddick posters

19 April 2012 ,
The short version: he likes them. The longer version: read here.
Ken Livingstone income

Can Ken Livingstone make his tax affairs even worse? Yes he can

13 April 2012 ,
If you are going to publish your tax returns, it is a good idea not to leave out £41,800 of earnings. But that’s what Ken Livingstone has done. Or to put it another way, for every £1 that Ken Livingstone originally said he earned in 2008, he now says he earned £3. And the explanation […]

VIDEO: Brian Paddick for Mayor of London Election Broadcast

12 April 2012 ,
Being broadcast on the TV tonight, here is Brian Paddick’s election broadcast:
London Elects logo

Live in London? You have until 18 April to register to vote

10 April 2012
There’s still time to get on the electoral register and so be able to vote in May’s contests for the London Mayor and Assembly. To be able to vote in those elections you must: live in London be a British, Republic of Ireland, Commonwealth or EU citizen be 18 years or over on 3rd May 2012 […]
Brian Paddick

Liberal Democrat London 2012 manifesto

10 April 2012 , ,
Launched this morning by Brian Paddick and Caroline Pidgeon, here is the Liberal Democrat manifesto for the May 2012 London elections. You can also read the manifesto online at and sign-up to help the campaign at For some of the first coverage of the launch see: London mayor election: Brian Paddick ‘to create youth hubs (BBC) […]

Did Ken Livingstone break tax rules over Labour donation?

31 March 2012 , ,
The Evening Standard has reported: Ken Livingstone was under fresh pressure over his alleged tax avoidance after he was forced to admit using his private company to make a sizable political donation. Mr Livingstone had previously claimed to have personally made a donation to the Labour Party of £19,202 in December for “staff costs” during [...]

Caroline Pidgeon talks transport in Westminster

Via Storify, the highlights of Caroline Pidgeon’s talk on public transport at a public meeting tonight in Westminster: Share “ .@CarolinePidgeon talking transport to Westminster public meeting Mark Pack Tue, Mar 27 2012 14:10:10 ReplyRetweet Share “ Nice to see a sign-in sheet asking for emails at this @CarolinePidgeon public meeting on transport in […]
Tube station corridor

TfL- we’re running extra trains but we won’t tell you when they are

26 March 2012 , , ,
That’s one of the bizarre details revealed in the aftermath of the latest failures on the Jubilee Line: Tube bosses were accused of “over-selling” a claimed improvement in service launched today with 30 trains an hour – up from 27 – during the morning and evening peak. Transport for London (TfL) said 30 trains per […]

The funniest Budget tweet I’ve seen

21 March 2012 , ,
Just to show we’re all friends really, the #budget includes a tax cut for Ken Livingstone.Not income tax, corporation tax.#BrianOrBust — Hackney Lib Dems (@HackneyLD) March 21, 2012    

And the prize for the best joke of the London Mayor contest so far goes to…

16 March 2012 , ,
… Brian Paddick for this line in is winning debate performance last night: Boris likes his [new] bus because it’s like his house – it has two staircases and three doors.