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Every Londoner now owed £8 by embassies

15 March 2012 , ,
A press release brings the news: The amount of unpaid Congestion Charge and penalty charge notices owed by embassies and diplomatic missions that evade paying the Congestion Charge is now more than £60 million, according to new figures obtained by Caroline Pidgeon, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group. Every single Londoner is owed […]

Brian Paddick: It is vital that we maximise our vote for the London Assembly

The fantastic Sage conference hall was the venue for Brian Paddick’s speech to the Liberal Democrat spring conference. Or rather, his co-speech. Because for the purposes of the London 2012 campaign, Brian Paddick is no more. Instead he has been merged into Brian-Paddick-Caroline-Pidgeon. It is one of the lessons from previous London campaigns that the [...]

Pavement politics at its best: King’s College agrees to mend its ways

I’m really looking forward to The Shard opening, complete with a public viewing platform that will give stunning views out over London. However, there is a problem, as I wrote about when profiling Lib Dem councillor Poddy Clark: What is for me one of the best aspects of The Shard development is for her a […]

Labour activist lays into Ken Livingstone

10 March 2012 , ,
Crikey, this Labour candidate’s views on Ken Livingstone make mine seem almost mild… Your supporters will say I’m disloyal to the Labour Party, but don’t seem to mind you campaigning against our candidate in Tower Hamlets. Your supporters cheered you when you called tax avoiders “rich bastards”, but they don’t seem to mind the £50,000 […]
Caroline Pidgeon, Lynne Featherstone, Martin Newton and Oyster cards

£55m: the huge pile of money stashed away on unused Oyster cards

6 March 2012 , ,
Once again the combination of a good campaigner and a good question has turned up trumps. Lib Dem London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon has dug out the information that there is a staggering total of £55m on unused Oyster cards held by the public. It is money they have paid out to Transport for London […]

You break it, you fix it – Brian Paddick’s new campaign poster

5 March 2012 , ,
Appearing on 176 poster sites around London from today: * Mark Pack is Co-Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice and writes a monthly newsletter about the Liberal Democrats.

Sometimes a bus is just a bus

25 February 2012 , , ,
When Boris Johnson promised that if elected Mayor of London he would introduce a new Routemaster bus, I don’t think many expected him to interpret that quite as literally as he has. For by the end of his term in office, there won’t be hoards of new Routemaster buses on London’s roads. Not even scores [...]
Mike Tuffrey

Boris Johnson dodges Mike Tuffrey’s questions over newspaper deal

17 February 2012 , , ,
The Guardian reports: Mike Tuffrey, the distinguished Liberal Democrat London Assembly member, is displeased with Boris Johnson and with Transport for London (TfL), whose board Boris chairs. This is not unusual, but the particular reason for Tuffrey’s present annoyance distills some significant issues. The headline irritant is the failure of the mayor to answer two questions […]

Livingstone and Johnson: a record of unsavoury comments

16 February 2012 , , , ,
Funny, pointed and relevant: this is one of the best pieces of campaign artwork I’ve seen put out by the party this year. * Mark Pack is Co-Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice and writes a monthly newsletter about the Liberal Democrats.

Brian Paddick visits victims of the London riots in Ealing

13 February 2012 ,
Watch today’s visit by Lib Dem London Mayor candidate Brian Paddick: