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Making the most of London Mayor hustings: a factsheet for LibDems

How can a Liberal Democrat local party in London organise a successful hustings meeting during our Mayor contest? I’ve written a short factsheet for London Lib Dems with ten top tips which you can get here. During my time as the party’s Head of Innovations I produced a series of similar factsheets (with the help […]
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London Assembly Liberal Democrats on Twitter

20 June 2011 ,
Partly for my own convenience and partly in case other people find it useful, I’ve put together a list on Twitter of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly members and candidates who are on Twitter themselves. You can find and follow the list at (If you spot anyone I’ve missed or think there’s a better account […]
City Hall

London Conservatives in chaos as try to explain their GLA walk-out

As I wrote on Thursday, plans to debate air pollution and cycling safety in London were axed at the London Assembly after Conservative members walked out. Since then, however, the Conservatives Assembly members have been at sixes and sevens over why they walked out. Andrew Boff claimed it was in protest at the Conservatives not being allocated […]
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Conservative walk-out axes debates on air pollution and cycling safety

9 June 2011 , , ,
Another day at the London Assembly, another Conservative walk-out which blocks motions being debated. Today the topics would have been air pollution in London and the hotly debated question of speed limits and safety for cyclists on Blackfriars Bridge. Caroline Pidgeon, Lib Dem leader at the London Assembly, has criticised the Conservative walk-outs before, saying […]
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A lovely example of London tube map versus actual geography…

9 June 2011 ,
… is to be found in this post over on the Nudge blog. (Myself, I’d have taken the shorter route anyway, because I’d rather avoid using the Circle or Circle/District combo if at all possible given my repeated experiences of huge gaps in the service.) Now if only the Nudge team could turn their minds […]
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Bus crime in London: when down involves a lot of up

Something that regularly irritates me in the news and politics is when an average figure is reported and then someone adds, “… but in some areas it is even worse…” without ever mentioning that, averages being what averages are, that in other areas things are actually better than the average. However, on some occasions it’s […]

Timetable for selecting London Mayor candidate published

29 May 2011 ,
Readers of the week’s Liberal Democrat News will have seen the advert kicking off the party’s candidate selection for the Mayor of London. The planned timetable is: June 17 Close of applications July 3 Interviews and shortlisting July 11 Deadline for appeals July 11 Deadline for candidates to submit manifestos July 12 Publication of shortlist [...]

How 32,000 homes from Boris Johnson became 1,431

19 May 2011 , , , ,
During the London Mayor election Boris Johnson talked about how land owned by the London Development Agency could be used to provide 32,000 new affordable homes. But three years on a mere 1,431 have been built. Ealing Lib Dem councillor Gary Malcolm has more on the story over on his blog, including this quote from […]

Even Boris Johnson is moved to criticise Brian Coleman’s latest expense claims

19 May 2011 , ,
Even London Mayor Boris Johnson (a man not adverse to a generous claim or three for expenses) has been moved to criticise fellow Conservative Brian Coleman, whose latest expense claims for a London body attracted criticism a few days ago. Boris Johnson said, We have had a word with Brian and I think he understands [...]

Brian Coleman tops lists of expense claims, again

Conservative London Assembly member Brian Coleman has often been in the news over the years for his expense claims (not to mention his attempt to ban questions of himself), so I hesitate slightly to says it is “news” that new figures from the London Fire Brigade show him topping the list of expense claims: Assembly [...]