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How 32,000 homes from Boris Johnson became 1,431

19 May 2011 , , , ,
During the London Mayor election Boris Johnson talked about how land owned by the London Development Agency could be used to provide 32,000 new affordable homes. But three years on a mere 1,431 have been built. Ealing Lib Dem councillor Gary Malcolm has more on the story over on his blog, including this quote from […]

Even Boris Johnson is moved to criticise Brian Coleman’s latest expense claims

19 May 2011 , ,
Even London Mayor Boris Johnson (a man not adverse to a generous claim or three for expenses) has been moved to criticise fellow Conservative Brian Coleman, whose latest expense claims for a London body attracted criticism a few days ago. Boris Johnson said, We have had a word with Brian and I think he understands [...]

Brian Coleman tops lists of expense claims, again

Conservative London Assembly member Brian Coleman has often been in the news over the years for his expense claims (not to mention his attempt to ban questions of himself), so I hesitate slightly to says it is “news” that new figures from the London Fire Brigade show him topping the list of expense claims: Assembly [...]
Mike Tuffrey

Mike Tuffrey profiled by The Guardian

15 May 2011 , ,
London Assembly member (and, I hope, Lib Dem Mayor candidate) Mike Tuffrey is profiled by Dave Hill over in The Guardian today: Lack of ambition, in his view, has marked the first eleven years of mayoral rule. He credits Boris with engendering lots of small scale activity but, “When I stand back and ask what […]
Mike Tuffrey

Survey shows Tuffrey beating Opik 5:1 for Lib Dem Mayor candidate selection

9 May 2011 , , ,
Over on Lib Dem Voice, my co-editor Stephen Tall has been writing up the results of the latest survey of Liberal Democrat members he has carried out. This one included a question about who members would choose as the party’s candidate for Mayor of London: 10% – Lembit Opik 56% – Mike Tuffrey 18% – […]
Mike Tuffrey

Opinion: Why Mike Tuffrey should be our candidate for Mayor of London

28 March 2011 , , , ,
Over the weekend I started up a ‘draft Mike Tuffrey‘ page on Facebook to encourage Mike Tuffrey, one of our London Assembly members, to put his name forward as our candidate for the 2012 Mayor elections. Imagining your fantasy perfect candidate is always fun (a cross between Paddy Ashdown and Shirley Williams perhaps?) but as [...]

Lembit Opik: vote for my libertarian agenda

21 March 2011 ,
Yesterday’s BBC Politics Show included a feature on Lembit Opik’s hopes to be the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London. It’s still available online to watch (see here; it starts at 47:42). Most notable was the news that no Liberal Democrat MP, GLA member or council leader in London is backing him, that he [...]
London Underground Tube Map - Highbury & Islington detail

The new London tube map

8 March 2011 , ,
[UPDATE: Another update of the London tube map came out in April 2011, with Tottenham Court Road migrating westwards, and a further update in August 2011.] Yesterday was my first sighting of the latest edition of the London Underground’s Tube map, March 2011 edition. The main change is the addition of the new stretch of […]

Review of London elections calls for changes in law ahead of 2012

The London Assembly has called for changes in the law ahead of the 2012 London Mayor and Assembly elections, following a review of the lessons from last year’s council and general election in London. Two issues are likely to meet widespread support, namely the problems of voters being intimidated and people being left still queuing [...]
Caroline Pidgeon, Lynne Featherstone, Martin Newton and Oyster cards

Yikes – the chances of me being overcharged with Oyster are rather too high for comfort

25 February 2011 , , , , ,
The two tube stations I use most frequently both feature in the list of stations where the most money has wrongly been taken from people using Oyster cards. The figures have been dug out by Liberal Democrat London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon and show that £862,000 was wrongly taken off passengers at Oxford Circus in […]