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Should Police Commissioner candidates get election addresses?

The Electoral Commission's Peter Wardle has highlighted the inconsistent and potentially confusing rules for election addresses for Police Commissioner and City Mayor candidates.

UKIP faces £367,697 bill after court rules magistrate wrong to levy small ‘fine’

19 October 2009 , , , ,
Good news all in all for both the Electoral Commission and for the laws regulating donations to political parties with the decision today by an Appeal Court to overturn a previous strange ruling by a magistrate in the case of a series of donations to UKIP that the Electoral Commission had investigated and decided broke [...]

Electoral Commission’s chief praises parties but criticises Government

16 January 2009 ,
During the week Peter Wardle, the Electoral Commission’s Chief Executive, gave a speech to local government chief executives about how elections are run in this country. He both had nice things to say about political parties and threw a few barbed comments in the direction of the Government.