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Twitter: meaningless drivel about breakfasts or something more important?

27 April 2012 ,
That I was the question I was asked after taking part in an APPC/CIPR event earlier this week. Here is my answer:
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Qantas falls foul of the Eurostar problem

11 November 2010 , , , ,
In many respects, Qantas’s handling of the explosion in an A380’s engine last week has been exemplary. Passengers have commended the way their staff behaved, Qantas has been in regular and clear contact with the media and the wider possible responsibilities for the problem (such as possibly a problem with the engine’s design) have been […]

Good PR starts at your own doorstep

12 January 2010 , ,
The PR angle to the current snow falls was the subject for a guest post I did over on the¬†ReputationOnline site: The current snow and ice blighting many of our roads also provides an excellent opportunity to many firms to demonstrate that their rhetoric about responsibility and care for their communities is matched by the […]
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Astroturfing’s historic roots

6 January 2010 ,
Online astroturfing (or faking grassroots opinion) crops up at unfortunately regular intervals in discussions of both online PR and online politics. But it’s got deep historic roots that are rarely mentioned. The story starts in the 4th century BC: Greek playwrights hired bands of helpers to laugh at their comedies in order to influence the […]

Eurostar demostrate the perils of not joining up marketing with customer service and PR

19 December 2009 , , , ,
The need to integrate customer service, marketing and PR is one I’ve talked about several times before. It’s an important theme because whilst from the corporate perspective these are often viewed as different skills, run by different teams (quite likely in different offices) and using different suppliers, from the point of view of the public […]

Lessons for the digital age from the very first press release

7 December 2009 ,
Cross-posted from the MHPC blog: I gave a keynote talk at the CIPR’s Digital Focus event. Here’s what I said about PR in the digital age: Just over a century ago, back in 1906, Ivy Lee dispatched the very first press release. The communication challenges he faced back then – which caused him to invent […]

How Should Neal's Yard Remedies Have Responded To The Guardian's Bloggers?

6 November 2009 , ,
That’s the question PR Week has asked this week, printing answers to what advice people in PR would have given over the situation Neal’s Yard Remedies found itself in: The Guardian invited Neal’s Yard Remedies to be the focus of one of its regular ‘You Ask They Answer’ slots in May. It agreed and sat […]

Book review: Public Relations and the Social Web

24 October 2009 , , ,
Rob Brown’s guide to how the Web 2.0 world is changing public relations is a straight-forward summary of the main trends, the main issues and the main tools. It fills a niche between inspiring, hectoring books on the one hand and detailed books about one particular tool or issue on the other. Instead, it acts […]

The local government communications problem

19 October 2009 ,
While public satisfaction with councils is falling in most local authorities, public satisfaction with council services is actually rising. (Source:¬†July/August edition of Public Relations) That poses a tricky problem, especially for those on the elected side of local government – given that elections are for councillors and parties for the council rather than for specific […]

Oddities about the Trafigura website: lessons for PR

13 October 2009 ,
I’ve been taking a wander round the Trafigura website after all the excitement yesterday and today. The state of the Trafigura website is the least of the company’s problems at the moment, but it still provides a useful example of the problems all sorts of firms can run in to with their own web presence. […]