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Jo Swinson presents dossier of evidence that media images have negative impact on body image

From a party news release: Co-founder of the Campaign for Body Confidence and Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson has given the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) details of 172 scientific studies which show that exposure to idealised media images has a negative effect on body image for adults and children. The portfolio of evidence gives a [...]

Positive coverage in The Sun for anti-airbrushing campaign

28 September 2010 , , ,
Over the weekend The Sun ran this: KAYA Cheshire may have only recently turned 18, but she’s got far bigger things to worry about than boyfriends, make-up and A-levels. The aspiring journalist has turned her compassionate personality and hard working skills to a global issue in the fashion industry – whether airbrushing in magazines is [...]

Women’s magazine drops celebs and models in favour of “real women”

3 September 2010 ,
The Guardian reports: IPC Media’s Essentials will no longer feature models or celebrities on its front cover after a survey of readers suggested they preferred to see “real women”. The October edition of the monthly is entirely model- and celebrity-free and is the climax of a social media campaign to find 10 real women to [...]

Royal College of Psychiatrists joins calls for airbrushed photographs to be labelled

22 February 2010 , , ,
From a party news release ahead of Jo Swinson and Lynne Featherstone meeting with representatives of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA): Commenting on today’s report from the Royal College of Psychiatrists calling for airbrushed images to be ‘kitemarked’, Liberal Democrat MP, Jo Swinson said: “The Royal College of Psychiatrists makes it crystal clear that airbrushing plays a [...]

New report to call for warning labels on airbrushed photographs

21 February 2010 , ,
The Telegraph reports: Girls are feeling under pressure to please boys while boys believe they must sleep with several girls to fit in [according to a study] written by clinical psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos for the Home Office. She said: “Little boys are always told ‘aren’t you clever, aren’t you strong’. Little girls are told ‘aren’t you [...]

ASA bans ‘misleading’ Twiggy advert

16 December 2009 , , ,
From a party press release: The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled against an Olay advert containing a heavily airbrushed image of the model Twiggy on the grounds that it was misleading following a campaign led by the Liberal Democrats. The Liberal Democrats have called for airbrushed ads to be clearly labelled, and for airbrushing to be [...]