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Prime Minister Boris - edited by Iain Dale and Duncan Brack

Prime Minister Boris and other things that never happened

Prime Minister Boris and other things that never happened, edited by Duncan Brack and Iain Dale, is the third in a series of collections of ‘what if’ histories (one of which I contributed to myself). This time it is 22 counter-factuals all by different authors, taking events that really happened, adding a little twist and […]
Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch on tax levels and tax loopholes

6 May 2012 ,
Interesting: Social fabric means all.Must wake up before coming apart more.That includes closing tax loopholes for rich people and companies. — Rupert Murdoch(@rupertmurdoch) April 29, 2012
Ed Miliband standing up to Rupert Murdoch

That photo of Ed Miliband standing up to Rupert Murdoch

28 January 2012 ,
This week has turned into rather an Ed Miliband themed week, what with his flexible views on the public sector pay freeze (he was against it before he was for it), his views on pension policy (where Ed Miliband manages to be both for and against the same policy at the same time) and his […]

Robert Peston nails the Cable story

22 December 2010 , , ,
I was going to write a post about the Cable / Telegraph / other Lib Dem ministers story, but reading Robert Peston’s post I see he’s said what I was going to say – but said it first and said it better. So over to him: What I still feel bemused about is why the [...]

“Let’s take on the tabloids”

2 May 2010 , , , ,
That’s the message from the two online campaigning groups Avaaz and 38 Degrees. One of their emails says: The tabloid press is doing all it can to skew the election result by bullying and scaring voters. The political editor of The Sun has been given clear instructions from Rupert Murdoch: “It is my job to see that [...]

Exclusive poll: newspaper hostility makes voters more likely to back Lib Dems

A poll carried out exclusively for Lib Dem Voice shows that opposition from the Daily Mail, The Sun and Daily Telegraph to the Liberal Democrats actually makes people more likely to vote for the party. Asked the impact on their voting intention of those papers opposing Nick Clegg becoming Prime Minister, 15% said it made them [...]

Is fragmenting data the way to beat Google?

8 December 2009 , , , , ,
The outlines of a serious challenge to Google’s domination have started to take shape in the last few weeks and, rather than being based on someone doing a better search engine (as per many of the previous ones), it is based on fragmenting data on the internet. We’ve already seen Rupert Murdoch’s desire to take […]

What business models can newspapers copy to bring in more revenue?

Courtesy of Rupert Murdoch’s announcement that he wants to start charging for access to online content from News International’s titles, starting with the Sunday Times, the question of charging for online newspaper content or services is very much in the news. Almost all the discussion, however, has been based on the implicit assumption that the […]

Is Rupert Murdoch right about charging for online news?

7 August 2009 ,
Here’s the best argument for him being right: 1. He’s run hugely successful and profitable businesses for many years in many countries. 2. You haven’t. 3. Ergo, he knows more than you about how to make money. Of course, this isn’t a foolproof argument by any means, but it’s a useful antidote to the lack […]