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Top Tips For Local Campaigners book cover

Campaign Corner: Good luck

9 April 2012 , ,
Thank you to everyone who has read, commented on or contributed ideas for the Campaign Corner series over the last 25 weeks. With this final post, it’ll have been going for six months and now, with people in full flight campaigning for May’s elections, is a good moment to bring it to an end. If [...]
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Campaign Corner: What campaigning books are worth reading?

The Campaign Corner series looks to give three tips about commonly asked campaign issues. Do get in touch if you have any questions you would like to suggest. Today’s Campaign Corner question: I prefer learning by reading rather than by hearing people speak at training sessions. What campaigning books would you recommend? Lots of possible answers, […]
Campaigning in your Community: book cover

Campaigning In Your Community: new book out

24 August 2011 , , ,
Phew, book number 18 that I’ve been involved in as author or editor is now out. It’s written by myself and Shaun Roberts, called “Campaigning In Your Community”. Think of it as as guide to getting going with community politics, starting from your own doorstep. A free copy is being sent to every ALDC (Association [...]

A little surprise is coming in the post for ALDC members…

21 August 2011 , ,
ALDC (the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors and Campaigners) has made an excellent change in its communication plan for members. Instead of some of the previous mailings, all ALDC members are being sent several short free books each year. My enthusiasm for this is of course in no way related to the fact that book […]

Campaigning in your local community

22 June 2011 , , ,
In the latest edition of ALDC’s Campaigner I previewed their next publication, written by myself and Shaun Roberts: In communities across the country there are improvements just waiting for a successful campaign to bring them about. Yet there are also people – far too many people in far too many places – who do not [...]
Direct mail being prepared. Photo © iStockphoto, used with permission

Learning the lessons of the 2010 general election

I’m currently working with Shaun Roberts on updating the old ‘how to win your ward’ ALDC publication. The publication has in fact a long heritage going back through the Liberal Party and there is an interesting indication of how the party has developed as you follow the literary thread from the old Community Politics pamphlet […]