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United Breaks Guitars book cover

United Breaks Guitars: the book

20 June 2012 , , ,
Back in 2009 the story of Dave Carroll’s broken guitar saw the share price for United Airlines take a big hit as he took to YouTube with a very funny and effective film about how badly the airline had treated him and his guitar. Illustrating the frequent close interaction between social and traditional media, the […]

Armando Iannucci and Stephen Fry argue for AV

As I’ve said before, I’ve mixed feeling about celebs speaking out on their political views – they should certainly be free to do so, but unless they’ve got some particular expertise there’s no reason to give their views extra weight over anyone else. One person who does know a lot about how politics works is [...]

Stephen Fry on why you should vote Yes on Thursday

3 May 2011 ,
The latest video from the Yes to Fairer Votes campaign features Stephen Fry:

Closing tax loopholes: Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie star in Labour broadcast

Today’s little something from the political archives is a Labour Party political broadcast from 1993, back when Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie were young and Labour was attacking a Conservative government for leaving too many tax loopholes open for the very rich. As it turned out, when Labour got into power they closed the loopholes […]

Stephen Fry pokes fun at Euro-myths

4 August 2009 ,
Here’s the “Call my Euro-bluff” section from an episode of QI I stumbled across: