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First Lady of Fleet Street - Rachel Beer

The First Lady of Fleet Street: The Life, Fortune and Tragedy of Rachel Beer by Eilat Negev & Yehuda Koren

Britain’s first female national newspaper editor, Rachel Beer, is a surprisingly little known person, all the more so given her lively and interesting family history and that she edited not only one but two newspapers, both of which are still very much with us – The Observer and The Sunday Times. (The first Sunday newspaper […]

Key facts on how The Times pay wall is working

17 August 2010 , , ,
A useful set of statistics about how the pay wall around The Times and The Sunday Times is working out has been pulled together by one of my research whiz colleagues at work, Katrine Birk. Although the published data from News International has been fairly limited so far, there is data that can be extracted […]

Donations surge after Clegg's debate triumph

18 April 2010 , ,
The Sunday Times reports: The Lib Dems last night said they would resist the squeeze from the two main parties and revealed a surge in donations, with £120,000, mainly in small sums, coming in during the 24 hours after the debate. You can make a donation yourself right now here.

Well fancy that! A poll finding you won’t have seen reported

7 April 2010 , , ,
I’ve commented before on some of the poll findings that papers pay for but then don’t report (all for reasons of space you understand; never because they don’t meet the desired editorial line; not at all; no way). Here’s another one, courtesy of The Sunday Times and YouGov: A group of 23 business leaders have written to [...]

Were there two YouGov polls for the Sunday Times?

21 March 2010 , , ,
I only ask, you see, because in the newspaper online I read of the unions: Their intransigence is beginning to hurt the government’s standing, as the YouGov/Sunday Times poll shows today. But in the full polling tables up on the The Times website I read: Will the strikes, and the prospects of disruption for BA’s passengers, change the [...]