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Bristol in the 1950s. Photo courtesy of brizzle born and bred on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

How the Liberal Democrats should respond to UKIP

5 May 2013 , ,
Some of UKIP’s support comes from places the Liberal Democrat should leave well alone – especially those yearning for a 1950s-style society of white men at work, white women at home and gays in the closet.
First Lady of Fleet Street - Rachel Beer

The First Lady of Fleet Street: The Life, Fortune and Tragedy of Rachel Beer by Eilat Negev & Yehuda Koren

Britain’s first female national newspaper editor, Rachel Beer, is a surprisingly little known person, all the more so given her lively and interesting family history and that she edited not only one but two newspapers, both of which are still very much with us – The Observer and The Sunday Times. (The first Sunday newspaper […]

The Observer catches up with the news, two months on

27 February 2011 , ,
Readers of today’s Observer story by Toby Helm regarding Lib Dem ministers contributing 10% of their salaries to the party may have thought it had a familiar ring to it. That’d be because it was first reported back in December, as we blogge...

The Observer endorses the Liberal Democrats

Following on from The Guardian’s endorsement, The Observer becomes the second newspaper to back the LibDems: The vital context for this election is the twin crises in our economy and our politics. On both issues most credit accrues to the Liberal Democrats. Their Treasury spokesman Vince Cable was prescient in warning of an unsustainable debt bubble; [...]

What’s the significance of today’s Observer editorial?

31 May 2009 , ,
The Observer coming out today and urging a vote for the Liberal Democrats will have put a spring in the step of many deliverers, canvassers and poster teams around the country, especially when combined with the news of the Telegraph ICM poll putting the Liberal Democrats in second place. In the past both the sister papers [...]

The Observer says: vote Liberal Democrat

From today’s leader: Nick Clegg is the most instinctively European leader at Westminster. That is currently a lonely position, but the Lib Dems have a decent record of taking minority stands that are later vindicated. On the environment, on civil liberties and on the mounting debt bubble, the Lib Dems were quietly but consistently ahead of [...]