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David Lammy’s explanation over his summer break raises yet more questions

22 July 2013 ,
There’s been a very curious tweet from Tottenham Labour MP David Lammy today, in response to my blog post about the long break he is taking in holding surgeries over the summer and the many other ways in which he puts people off asking him for help. Everything in that blog post was sourced from […]
David Lammy

Labour’s MP for Tottenham tells residents: ‘wait till September for help’

22 July 2013 ,
Some MPs rightly get annoyed when the press and public talk about Parliamentary recess being “holiday” for they continue to work hard in their constituencies during recess. Labour’s MP for Tottenham David Lammy (aka the man who got away over his expenses thanks to his second home claims coming out before the media got interested [...]
David Lammy

And the prize for rudest MP goes to…

3 January 2013 , ,
From Total Politics: I work in the next-door building to David Lammy, the ever-diligent member for Tottenham, and often end up walking in front of or behind him on the way to my office. I mentioned the other day, while having a few drinks with some other researchers, how I noticed that he barely ever […]
Brian Paddick

How is Tottenham recovering from the riots?

7 February 2012 , , , ,
Yesterday Brian Paddick, along with GLA member Caroline Pidgeon and Enfield & Haringey GLA candidate Dawn Barnes, visited Tottenham to talk to the local community about recovering from the riots and how the area is policed:
French flag

Tottenham shall turn French

25 November 2010
I recently came across an old saying that I had never heard before – “Tottenham shall turn French” – which, when it used to be used, seems to have meant “pigs will fly”. There is though some controversy over its meaning because Francis Grose’s A Provincial Glossary (1787), gives the phrase as “Tottenham is turned […]

Ward's Corner market saved

24 June 2010 ,
Excellent news that the popular Tottenham market at Ward’s Corner has been saved (despite Boris Johnson going back on his promise to help).

A tale of two MPs

This story comes to us from the London Borough of Haringey. David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham, told a hustings meeting that he has done 10,000 pieces of casework in ten years. Lynne Featherstone, Lib Dem MP for Hornsey & Wood Green, meanwhile has helped over 28,000 people in less than ten years. (As many people have made [...]
David Lammy second home expenses cliam

The one who got away: David Lammy and his expenses

28 September 2009 , ,
London MP, with a constituency only 28 minutes away by Tube from Parliament, claims £12,041 for a second home. Sounds a straight-forward case in the long line of London MPs who had their expense claims widely publicised and heavily criticised during earlier this year? Except this time, there’s one difference. The expense claim was published back [...]

David Lammy: then and now

Paul Waugh’s blog has a post contrasting what David Lammy used to say about Baby P’s death with what he’s now saying: November 19, BBC Radio 4’s World At One programme: “Over the course of the weekend, 61 headteachers that have more experience than you or I, or Lynne Featherstone, have offered their reassurance that […]