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Wide-eyed and legless: Insider the Tour de France – a classic worthy of the name

1 September 2014 , ,
The 1987 Tour de France saw Irishman Stephen Roche triumph, including one of the most memorable scenes in the Tour's history - his dramatic recovery during the stage to La Plagne, followed by his physical collapse after he crossed the finishing line.
The Climb - Chris Froome

Chris Froome: The Climb – is it fair to Bradley Wiggins?

1 August 2014 , , , ,
I suspect Chris Froome’s account of his rise to cycling success didn’t come out quite as he intended, but that is a boon for the reader because he doesn’t come out of several parts of the book that well. Central to this is his relationship, or rather non-relationship, with Bradley Wiggins. Froome doesn’t persistently put […]
The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle

The Secret Race: Inside the hidden world of the Tour de France

Right from the cover of the book, showing a menacing looking Lance Armstrong bearing down on Tyler Hamilton, the book is a detailed, piece by piece demolition of the Lance Armstrong legend and on original publication was the key tipping point for many people in switching them from believing in Armstrong’s innocence to certainty of […]
Bradley Wiggins - My Time

Bradley Wiggins – My Time: A great read, whether or not you are a cycling fan

Unless you personally know someone involved, it is hard for the reader to tell how true to life the portrait someone gives of themselves in a memoir is, especially when a ghost-writer is involved. The picture that Bradley Wiggins paints of himself seems pretty plausible sat alongside his public utterances, and the book’s good reception […]

With a speech like that, Bradley Wiggins would be shoo-in for any Lib Dem post

22 July 2012 ,
If Bradley Wiggins needed to do anything more to charm Lib Dems, starting with a raffle joke did it. — Mark Pack (@markpack) July 22, 2012
Bradley Wiggins

Bradley Wiggins doesn’t do dull press conferences

19 July 2012 ,
From the Tour de France rest day this week:
Mark Cavendish

Mark Cavendish has achieved more in four years than English football team in last forty

24 July 2011 ,
But he’s a cyclist. So even now on a quick flick through mainstream news outlets, his victory today has got some coverage but nowhere near the level that his dominance deserves. In the last four Tour De Frances he has won 20 stages, putting him well up the all-time list for record number of stage […]

How the Tour de France encourages internet piracy

3 August 2009 , ,
I’m an occasional cycling fan. By which I mean, I love the Tour de France when it’s on the TV, pay a bit of attention to the Olympics and World Championships if British cyclists are doing well and otherwise ride my exercise bike now and again. So having watched British cyclist Mark Cavendish storm to […]

Does thinking of cycling make you want to buy swimming trunks?

20 July 2009
A lesson in how not to do online advertising, courtesy of the ITV website. There I am, reading a story about the Tour de France. I get to this sentence: [Bradley Wiggins has] hardly warranted a mention in the French papers: but I reckon a few sports editors might have to rethink that policy now. The word […]

Why doesn't a triumphant British sportsman make it into the top 95 stories on Sky?

15 July 2009 , ,
Earlier today Mark Cavendish notched up his fourth stage win in this year’s Tour de France cycle race. Mark Cavendish equals cycling record It’s a fantastic achievement, notable for several reasons. It’s a rare cyclist who wins four stages in in one year, and he has now done this two years in a row. Moreover, […]