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How Richmond Liberal Democrats avoid making one of the five common errors thumbnail

How Richmond Liberal Democrats avoid making one of the five common errors

In my list of Five of the most common mistakes that Lib Dem campaigners make there is the love of inappropriate secrecy.

Oh dear, has Robin Meltzer lost faith in me?

It’s only a few months since my, er…, interesting experience of turning up to do some Liberal Democrat campaigning and being given a task by award-winning campaigner Robin Meltzer: You have a delivery round stuffed full of properties that have just had railings, gates and doors painted in black paint. So you wait until someone […]
Fake North Richmond leaflet

This is worse than the Phil Woolas election leaflets

Mary Reid over at Lib Dem Voice has the story of the fake election leaflets used to smear Jane Dodds, the Liberal Democrat candidate in the recent Richmond Council by-election. There is a nasty racist element to all this as among the false claims made were invented stories about using a local hotel to house […]

I have discovered the secret to being elected in Richmond

It’s very simple, and only requires one form. (Aside from nomination paperwork of course. You have to be in it to win it.) It’s a deed poll form. Change your name to Mr/Ms/Dr/Earl/Wing Commander/Duchess No Third Runway and you will be a shoo-in. Such was certainly the message from the doorsteps in Richmond this morning […]
Swedish royalty visit Hounslow aka Twickenham

Treading in the footsteps of royalty, aka what happens after a Parliamentary by-election

This morning it was off to south west London to join campaigners from around and outside London for some campaigning to follow up the Feltham & Heston by-election. Roger Crouch and his team did a great job holding on to third place and the deposit in the by-election. Now the election is over, the area […]