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Vince Cable blocks privatisation of Channel 4

14 September 2014 ,
Proposals to privatise Channel 4 were drawn up by the Government earlier this year but the idea was blocked by Vince Cable and the Liberal Democrats.
End of the world

If the ‘experts’ had been right, the political world would have ended last Friday

There was a vote in Parliament about changing a piece of government legislation, and Liberal Democrat MPs - including ministers, such as Vince Cable, who first ostentatiously cleared his diary - merrily walked through different lobbies from the Conservatives. The Conservatives were defeated and... well, government continued, coalition continued and the political world trundled on.
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Vince Cable plans to widen disclosure of executive pay

All companies with more than 250 employees should be forced to publish the salaries of their highest earners and told to consult their employees on executive pay say the Liberal Democrats.
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And another Lib Dem spending commitment to add to the list

Liberal Democrat manifesto plans include ringfencing the science research budget and introducing a green innovation arm to the British Business Bank.
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What will happen after the next general election?

Hunt very closely amongst the very oldest people in every last bungalow and care home around the country and you might just find someone who was alive when the Liberal Democrats or their predecessors last won a general election.
Vince Cable

Vince Cable on his policy priorities at the Social Liberal Forum conference

19 July 2014 ,
The highlights from Vince Cable's speech at the Social Liberal Forum annual conference.
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What will Clegg’s next gamble be?

9 June 2014 , ,
Last Thursday’s Queen’s Speech confirmed that the Liberal Democrats will stay in coalition until the general election. With, in particular, both Steve Webb and Vince Cable securing significant legislation that will take many months to pass through Parliament, pulling out of government ahead of the election would simply mean bizarrely and counter-productively abandoning Lib Dem […]
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Vindication for Vince

24 January 2014 , , ,
"Vince Cable allies pleased Governor Carney reportedly wants Help to Buy maximum loan reduced from £600,000 to £350,000. Vince Vindication."
Michael Ashcroft

7 quick observations on what Lord Ashcroft’s new polling says about Lib Dems

4 January 2014 , , ,
1. As with Labour, the biggest source of new supporters for the Conservatives are Liberal Democrats. Winning votes from, or losing some of those gains back to, the Liberal Democrats is key to the prospects of both of the largest parties, just as it is to the Liberal Democrats. (See p.33 of the full document […]
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Now that’s rather better from Nick Clegg

11 October 2013 , ,
Unlike yesterday, this is rather good: British deputy prime minister Nick Clegg is to start conversations in government about how to update the legal oversight of the UK’s security services in the light of disclosures by the Guardian that powerful new technologies appear to have outstripped the current system of legislative and political oversight. Clegg’s aides said he would […]