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Vindication for Vince

24 January 2014 , , ,
"Vince Cable allies pleased Governor Carney reportedly wants Help to Buy maximum loan reduced from £600,000 to £350,000. Vince Vindication."
Michael Ashcroft

7 quick observations on what Lord Ashcroft’s new polling says about Lib Dems

4 January 2014 , , ,
1. As with Labour, the biggest source of new supporters for the Conservatives are Liberal Democrats. Winning votes from, or losing some of those gains back to, the Liberal Democrats is key to the prospects of both of the largest parties, just as it is to the Liberal Democrats. (See p.33 of the full document […]
Vince Cable

Now that’s rather better from Nick Clegg

11 October 2013 , ,
Unlike yesterday, this is rather good: British deputy prime minister Nick Clegg is to start conversations in government about how to update the legal oversight of the UK’s security services in the light of disclosures by the Guardian that powerful new technologies appear to have outstripped the current system of legislative and political oversight. Clegg’s aides said he would […]
VIDEO: Jeremiah was proved right - watch Vince Cable's conference speech on the economy thumbnail

VIDEO: Jeremiah was proved right – watch Vince Cable’s conference speech on the economy

17 September 2013 , , ,
Here’s the new film from the Liberal Democrats: Also on YouTube.
Nick Clegg. Photo: Dave Radcliffe. Some rights reserved by Liberal Democrats

By a whisker, Lib Dem leadership pulls it off in the day’s crunch votes: Monday at Lib Dem conference

The day started with all sorts of speculation about Vince Cable's attitudes towards the big economy debate.
Vince Cable

Cable calls for compromise as more twists and turns ahead of Monday’s economy debates

Compared to the flurry of activity to win over Liberal Democrat conference representatives on the party’s proposed Trident policy (see the steady stream of guest posts on Lib Dem Voice on the subject), there’s been remarkably little activity over Monday’s vote in Glasgow for or against a 50p top rate of income tax. People in […]
Tardis. Photo courtesy of Zir. Some rights reserved

MP conference fringe league table 2013: please send any spare time machines to Vince

2 September 2013 , , ,
Back for its fifth year is my conference fringe meeting league table, showing how many fringes each MP will be speaking at. As ever, this is based on the information from the official listings. Vince Cable easily wins not only top spot in the league table but also the coveted Simon Hughes Memorial Prize for Multiple Simultaneous […]
Steve Webb

We need a few more, but not too many, Steve Webbs

20 July 2013 , ,
At last weekend’s Social Liberal Forum conference, two common viewpoints amongst attendees were apparent. First, widespread unease at many of the changes being made to the welfare system. Second, the popularity of Steve Webb and the work he is doing to the very same welfare system. That contrast between those two viewpoints, concurrently held by […]
David Cameron

How Cameron over-ruled Osborne on the mansion tax

An interesting snippet from Vince Cable's speech yesterday at the Social Liberal Forum conference.
Building site. Photo courtesy of bono-c. Some rights reserved

The economy motion to be debated at Lib Dem Autumn conference

Whether or not to debate the state of the economy, and if so at what length and using whose motion, has been the cause of some strife recently in the world of Liberal Democrat federal party conferences. The party’s leadership has cannily submitted its own economy motion for September’s autumn conference – recognising that trying […]