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Nick Clegg’s speech to LibDem Conference

During Liberal Democrat conference someone watching it from home texted me: “I now know what the Lib Dems are against – bankers, top rate taxpayers, tax cheats generally, overpaid directors and energy companies But, with the single exception of gay marriage, I’ve got no idea what the Lib Dems are for.” Some will – rightly [...]

Office of Tax Simplification quotes Star Trek and recommends ending relief for a tax rule that no longer exists

At the time the Conservatives announced their plans for an Office of Tax Simplification it looked to me like a good exception to the general policy of cutting quangoes. Its major report into tax reliefs looks to have justified that belief – because the Office of Tax Simplification has discovered that far more tax reliefs [...]
Nick Boles - Which Way Is Up - book cover

Which Way’s Up? The long-term future of the coalition

11 January 2011 , , , , ,
The rapid appearance since the formation of the Coalition of Conservative MP Nick Boles’s book Which Way’s Up? is a tribute to the speed with which Biteback turns round books – recognising that the previous slothful pace of much political publishing meant books were no longer able to capture the political weather. Boles’s book, by [...]

What's left of Gladstonian Liberalism in the Liberal Democrats?

William Gladstone’s legacy for modern political parties was the subject for discussion at the January meeting of the Liberal Democrat History Group. The meeting was addressed by both Eugenio Biagini, of Cambridge University, and Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary and keen collector of Gladstone memorabilia. Biagini highlighted the contradiction at the heart of […]

What's left of Gladstonian Liberalism in the Liberal Democrats? (25 January)

19 December 2009 ,
From the Liberal Democrat History Group’s email list: Since the publication of The Orange Book: Reclaiming Liberalism edited by David Laws and Paul Marshall in 2004, there has been an ongoing discussion in the Liberal Democrats about whether the party needs to return to the nineteenth-century Gladstonian inheritance of non-interventionism in economic and social affairs, […]

Gladstone vs Disraeli: BBC4 broadcast on Tuesday

1 March 2009 ,
BBC4 is showing a new film, Gladstone & Disraeli: Clash of the Titans, on Tuesday, 3rd March, 8pm. According to the blurb it is: A 90 minute-long film, which unfolds the extraordinary story of the bitter personal feud that developed between two of 19th Century Britain’s greatest politicians, William Gladstone (1809 – 1898) and Benjamin […]

Thankfully, William Gladstone wasn’t right about everything

24 December 2008
“This will lead to the abolition of Christmas” – William Gladstone on the 1831 Great Reform Bill. It became an act, our electoral system became rather more democratic and Christmas survived. Thank you from everyone on the team for all the reading, commenting and contributing over the last year and have a great Christmas.  If […]

Eight reasons for Gordon Brown to be worried

25 August 2007
Ipsos MORI has recently published a couple of books about Britain after Blair’s ten years. One of them recounts what happened to long-serving Prime Ministers’ previous successors: Before Tony Blair, only seven men and one woman have previously held office as British Prime Minister for ten years or more (Robert Walpole, Henry Pelham, Lord North, William […]