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Polling station sign

Government agrees to let people queuing at 10pm vote in future elections

23 January 2013 , ,
Ever since the 2010 general election saw long queues of people unable to vote at some polling stations there has been a debate about whether at future general elections people still in the queue at closing time should be able to vote.

Why vote Liberal Democrat? Book review

If you go to Amazon searching for “Why vote Liberal Democrat?”, edited by Danny Alexander and just published  by Biteback, you may be surprised to find yourself being presented instead with a book of the same title from 1997, written by William Wallace. The new book is misfiled by Amazon under the title “Why vote [...]

Ralf Dahrendorf obituary

19 June 2009 , ,
Yesterday the Financial Times ran an obituary from Liberal Democrat peer William Wallace: Ralf Dahrendorf, who has died at the age of 80, crowded several careers, in Germany and Britain, into a single life. First a leading academic sociologist, then a rising Liberal German politician, director of the London School of Economics and later warden of St [...]