The world can be different but we do not have to rely on central government to change it

When you do an interview with a journalist during an election campaign which includes issues such as differences within the party on ideology or how many seats the party might win, there’s always a risk that a poorly chosen phrase can get turned into a damaging quote.

Having often enough muttered “Why on earth did they say that?” when I’ve seen this happen to others, I always have a quick burst of concern when such a piece quoting me comes out – but thankfully today’s Guardian quote passes muster. Indeed, judging from a few pieces of feedback I seem to have struck a good note with my characterisation of what Lib Dem candidates at this general election believe:

Mark Pack, the party’s former head of innovation, said that despite similar backgrounds to many existing politicians, the new breed had different political priorities. “There is a sense of difference that … it is about what they do and how they look at the world. It can be summed up in the belief that the world can be different but that we do not have to rely on central government to change it.”

The full piece is an interesting and fair one which you can read here.

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