Want a Liberal Democrat leaflet to deliver in your area?

The surge of new volunteers and supporters which has come in following the first TV debate and the rise of the party to unprecedented election campaign polling heights means that often there are people wanting to help in areas where existing local parties don’t have that much for them to do.

As I wrote when giving local parties suggestions on how to respond to this new help:

Two basic principles apply:

  • Don’t abandon targeting – big surges of votes in 1974 and 1983 did not turn into many extra seats. The party has since learned how to work the system far better – and the party’s targeting plans for this election were already massively more ambitious than ever before.
  • But similarly don’t think that the way to get a new person involved is to say, “Thanks very much, but we don’t really want your help round here.”

What many local parties have therefore done is to produce extra, non-area specific, literature that people who don’t live in target wards/seats can deliver in their own patch in addition to joining in with those targeting activities.

Not everywhere has done so, so if you’re stuck wanting to help but not having something to do, here’s an A4 black and white leaflet you can print off and deliver in your own street or village. It’s double-sided and you fold it in half before putting in through a letterbox.

Note: if you are going to spend more than £50 on printing costs for producing this leaflet you must get in touch with the local Liberal Democrat party so as to make sure that the production costs are covered properly under the rules covering both election expenses and donations of gifts in kind to the party. (Some of the relevant thresholds are higher than £50 but that’s the lowest level at which the rules may kick in.)



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