Labour MP: Dyslexia is a myth invented by education chiefs to cover up poor teaching

The BBC has the story:

A Labour MP has claimed dyslexia is a myth invented by education chiefs to cover up poor teaching.

Backbencher Graham Stringer, MP for Blackley, describes the condition as a “cruel fiction” that should be consigned to the “dustbin of history”.

He believes the reason many children cannot read and write properly is that the wrong teaching methods are used.

But Charity Dyslexia Action said the condition was “very real” to the 6m people in the UK affected by it…

Chief executive Shirley Cramer said: “Once again dyslexia seems to be making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

“It is frustrating that the focus should be on whether dyslexia exists or not, when there is so much evidence to support that it does.”

You can read the full story here.

Update: interesting follow-up debate to the BBC story at Liberal Conspiracy.

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