Clegg makes bold pitch for northern working class

So reports The Times:

Nick Clegg mounted his most sustained assault on the Labour heartlands yesterday with a journey from Burnley to Redcar in which he pitched the Liberal Democrats as the party of the northern working class.

It was a bold thrust from a Westminster School old boy at the head of a party that has thrived in more prosperous parts, and he seemed to recognise the scale of the task as he made his appeal in a church in Burnley. “I understand that for some people it feels like almost a betrayal not to vote Labour but to start investing your trust in another party,” he said.

He delivered the same message in a park in the village of Marsden, on the side of the Colne Valley, and in Redcar, where the decommissioning of the Corus steelworks could put 1,600 out of work. Labour had betrayed its own voters, he said.

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