Blackburn Conservative leaflet stirs up controversy

The Guardian reports:

The Conservatives last night withdrew a leaflet targeted at Muslims that claimed Labour was complicit in “a whole saga of atrocities” in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Lebanon.

The leaflet, published by Tories in Blackburn, where their candidate, Michael Law-Riding, is up against the justice secretary, Jack Straw, also predicted Straw would be likely to criticise Muslim beards and caps, after he asked Muslim women to remove the veil in his constituency surgeries.

It was distributed carrying the name of the Blackburn Conservative party agent…

A spokesman for the Conservatives stressed the leaflet had not been sanctioned by headquarters and later said it was asking the local party to remove it.

You can read the full story here.

One response to “Blackburn Conservative leaflet stirs up controversy”

  1. Last night the inner deprived ward where i live in blackburn was shaken from its collective tv dinners by the tory van urging votes in asian community language..so now we are poor and patronised too?..

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