A reminder of the why Ukip should have expelled Neil Hamilton, not think about running him for Parliament

It’s now 20 years since Neil Hamilton’s behaviour as an MP was exposed, triggering one of the biggest political scandals of the 1990s and his landslide defeat in the 1997 general election.

He has, to the best of my knowledge, never expressed remorse or regret for his actions which were exposed by The Guardian and then further documented by official investigation.

If this was the behaviour of an MP from another party in the present, Ukip would doubtless by at forefront of the charge against them. But instead he’s been active in Ukip, held senior posts in the party and keeps on being pushed as a Parliamentary candidate, even after one rebuff.

The Guardian front page exposing Neil Hamilton

Despite being found guilty by a Parliamentary inquiry of taking cash for questions, he sued The Guardian for libel – and lost.

Neil Hamilton - a liar and a cheat

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