My campaign highs and lows

On polling day The Times ran this piece from me:

Campaign high point:
Receiving a phone call out of the blue on a Saturday afternoon from a tabloid journalist normally doesn’t herald good news. But on Saturday 17th April it was someone ringing to check when the Liberal Democrats or their predecessors had last come out first in an opinion poll.

Had the Liberal Democrat surge then simply slipped away that moment would have turned into a bitter-sweet memory, but instead over two more TV debates the Liberal Democrats remained at unprecedented levels of support and with a real chance of finishing second in the popular vote for the first time since the 1920s.

Campaign low point:
On a non-political level, last Sunday was my low point when I had to give up my kittens Molly and Riso due to the allergic reaction just getting too bad.

On a more political level, the low point reading the Daily Mail story about the underwear choices of the wife of a party leader (since pulled from their website). Is that really what some in the newspaper industry want to reduce our elections to? Some are uneasy about the heavy focus on party leaders; others get a bit queasy at the increasing prominence given to their partners; but choices of underwear? Really.

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