A selection of blogger responses the hung Parliament

Here’s a selection of what Liberal Democrat bloggers have been saying this afternoon and evening about the prospects for this coming Parliament:

All Four of Our Cast-Iron Priorities: Deal. Anything Less: No Deal. (Alex Wilcock) – ” If we do a deal, it has to be for a formal coalition, for a fixed term, published out in the open. Otherwise the Prime Minister can just cut and run with a new election for party advantage, and we’re stuffed.”

Selling STV in multi member constituencies to tribal Tories (Jennie Rigg) – “Multi member constituencies are the traditional British way of doing things.”

PR is a red line for me in any coalition (Mark Reckons) – “The fact that we increased our vote share by 1% to 23% yesterday but our number of seats fell by nearly 10% just underlines (yet again) how broken our electoral system is.”

Teaching our rivals how to negotiate (Mark Valladares) – “The Parliamentary Party and the Federal Executive appear to have carried out their responsibilities without leaking or public dissent, despite the pressure that they are under.”

Clegg’s Dilemma: what should happen next (Mat Bowles) – “The Lib Dems do not hold the balance of power. They don’t get to choose between parties. They can only choose between forming a stable Govt with some reform, and an unstable Govt with another election soon.”

The weakness of Cameron’s position (Peter Black) – “There is a fascinating article in today’s Independent that underlines just how weak Cameron’s position is within his own party and why his ability to get his feet under the table in 10 Downing Street is key to his survival as Tory Leader.”

Social Liberal Forum calls for a government of national unity – “First, we must demand an immediate referendum on a genuinely proportional voting system, for which there is clearly very widespread support among voters. Second, we need robust but fair action to deal with the financial crisis.”

And finally, this isn’t from a Liberal Democrat blogger but has a very thoughtful analysis: Why a Con-Lib coalition might be good for the Left (DonaldS on Liberal Conspiracy).

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