Yahaya Kiyingi selected for Camberwell and Peckham

Yahaya Kiyingi speaking at Lib Dem conferenceGreat to see the fantastically talented Yahaya Kiyingi has been selected as a Lib Dem candidate:

A few years ago he spoke at the London Region conference – the first time most of the people in the room had heard him – and he mesmerised the audience. MPs such as Tim Farron and Simon Hughes have given very good speeches to the event in years past, but Yahaya was in a different league.

No wonder that The Voice ran this headline about Yahaya a couple of years ago:

Is This The Face Of The Lib Dem’s Future?
… Kiyingi became an approved parliamentary candidate even before he was eligible to vote – and he already has a keen idea of policies he wants to reform if he gets elected. Among them is the issue of stop and search.

“I have experienced it [stop and search] and I was humiliated by the whole experience,” Kiyingi, a Politics and International Relations student, told The Voice.

He recalled: “I was riding my bicycle and the police told me to get off it. They said they wanted to search me. They obviously found nothing but I was left embarrassed and humiliated.”

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