Tim Farron runs for deputy leader; Campbell and Munt back him

News from the Tim Farron campaign camp:

Following the announcement by Vince Cable that he will be stepping down as Deputy Leader to concentrate on his new role as Secretary of State for Business, Tim Farron MP has been urged by colleagues to stand for the position of Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Commenting Tim said:

“Having served as Vince Cable’s PPS during his eight glorious weeks as acting leader, I am fully aware of what a difficult act he will be to follow and I’m so grateful to Vince for what he has achieved in the role.

“His new role as Business Secretary is one of immense importance and I understand entirely why he wants to concentrate all of his efforts on that job.

“Now that the Liberal Democrats form part of the coalition government, the role of the Deputy Leader will change, but it will also be extremely important as a voice that is unashamedly partisan but unflinchingly loyal.

“We were right to enter this coalition because it was in the national interest to do so and because at long last it has given us the chance to create a fair, free and green country. But it is also vital that the independence, radicalism and distinctiveness of the Liberal Democrats are maintained.

“I want to work alongside Nick Clegg to ensure that not only does the country benefit from this coalition, but that the Liberal Democrats’ electoral prospects benefit too. We have Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, local elections and a possible fair votes referendum all within the next year that the Liberal Democrats must win.

“Having served in the Shadow cabinet in the last few years and been active in the party since I was 16, I have the passion, experience and energy to take on the role of Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Sir Menzies Campbell added:

“I am delighted to be supporting Tim Farron for Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats. We need someone with substance in the role and someone who is both loyal and independent minded. Tim is one of the best communicators the party has, and represents a bright and confident future for the Liberal Democrats.”

Tessa Munt newly elected MP for Wells:

“As a new MP, I know how popular Tim is amongst the grassroots of the party, turning his marginal Westmorland and Lonsdale seat into one of the best Liberal Democrat results in the country.

“His engagement with young people is especially legendary and extremely effective. His commitment to the ideals of this party makes him the right man to help Nick Clegg communicate our message to a new generation.”

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