Two bizarre moves from Labour

First, a completely open-ended spending commitment: whatever the SNP will spend on nurses, Labour will spend more. No consideration of whether it’s the right number of nurses or an affordable number. Just more. Whatever the circumstances.

Second, a continuation of the pattern of having supporters shout insults at journalists who ask questions they don’t like. I first noticed this happening in the 2010 general election where the combination of having a speech with party supporters as the bulk of the audience followed immediately by a Q+A with journalists in the same room didn’t work well as it saw Labour members shout insults at journalists who asked questions they didn’t like.

If you’re being generous, perhaps it was a mistake when trying something new and everyone else in Labour was deeply embarrassed at the sight of their fellow members showing such contempt for the idea of a free press and such love of a bit of intimidation of people they don’t agree with.

Or perhaps not. Because Labour have continued to organise in the same way. Hence yesterday’s insults thrown at the BBC’s Norman Smith.


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