Independent on Sunday profiles Cabinet member Chris Huhne

The Independent on Sunday reports of the Liberal Democrat Cabinet member Chris Huhne:

This is a man who was “turned on” – yes, turned on – to the green agenda during a visit to Tanzania with The Economist more than 30 years ago. Ten years later, in a book of his published articles, he declared that it “was going to be the dominant issue in our time, in terms of the potential threat to our existence”.

“I can genuinely say that I’ve been committed on the green and climate change agenda for a long time,” he explained. “I’ve always thought what we desperately need to do is combine the commitment which so many people who are concerned about the green agenda have with some hard-nosed economic analysis to deliver it in the cheapest way so that people can go on enjoying the things they like. Often the green agenda is put in such a way that you have to be hair-shirt; you can’t enjoy yourself. This is just wrong.”

You can read the full profile here.

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