EXCLUSIVE: Have Conservative Party staff been lying to the BBC?

You may have noticed there’s been a bit of a fuss over whether or not the Conservative Party has done a somewhat of a u-turn over its logo.

Their tree logo seemed to undergo a change of colour, dropping the use of green for a more traditional Conservative blue and adding in a splash of clouds.

But today the BBC reported this:

A Conservative Party spokeswoman … told the BBC: “We are not changing it at all. When we launched the tree last year there were various colours on it.

“You can change the backdrop on it. You can change the colour of the tree to make it look like a winter tree and things like that.”

So that’s all ok then? Only one slight problem. You see, she doesn’t appear to have been telling the truth.

How do I know? Well, I’ve been looking at the Conservative Party’s very own official “style guide” to using their logo.

And I think you can guess what is coming, can’t you?

The guide is very specific about the colours, fonts and logo that can be used. It is a full 22 pages long, going into great detail, even down to the lettering of the spaces in the fonts used for the logo’s wording. 

The sort of blue cloud logo that kicked off the u-turn stories doesn’t feature anywhere in the guide. The use of clouds “inside” the tree isn’t listed as a permitted version. The shade of blue isn’t in the list of permitted tree colours either. And the guide even says “Don’t create new colour logo versions!”

So how could the Conservative spokeswoman have been telling the BBC the truth when she said that the logo hasn’t been changed?

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