If genuine, this has to be the strangest Ukip leaflet yet (UPDATED)

This really bizarre letter was posted up online by someone who says, “The letter came through the door of a friend of mine, and then copies of the letter were sent to other people on the street”:

Ukip Dartford letter page 1 - http://imgur.com/RKQ6Ek1
Ukip Dartford letter page 2 - http://imgur.com/nVl6FQm

So far, various pieces of detail in the letter seem to stack up but we’ll see what the passage of more time brings…

UPDATE: The Daily Telegraph has picked up on this leaflet and confirmed that it is genuine. As its report says:

The letter… is signed by Simon Blanchard, secretary of Ukip’s Dartford branch and author of a strikingly similar blog post on Ukip Daily.

When Mrs Kemp contacted Ukip Dartford to protest about the letter, he replied: “There was no error made on the envelope and hope your neighbours had a good read as well.”

Mr Blanchard and Ukip Dartford did not respond to requests for comment, but the party has confirmed that the letters were from him.

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