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Dear Pret A Manger

Dear Pret,

I could be all eco-conscious about how your amazingly large till receipts mean paper is wasted.

I could be all customer service focused about how your amazingly large till receipts result in people standing there fiddling with them trying to make them fit in a wallet or purse, so slowing down the service for the people behind them.

By instead I’ll just say that there amazingly large size isn’t only amazing – it’s annoying.

Please, can you shrink them?

Thank you.

UPDATE: The reply.

4 responses to “Dear Pret A Manger”

  1. While you are complaining about the unnecessarily large size of stuff, can you get onto some of the coffee places at motorway service stations …. stopped at one on M1 somewhere near Leicester a few weeks ago ( not something I usually do) and the “barrista” …. the title on his jumper…… asked if I wanted “standard” or “large”. Fortunately I chose standard …. it was ENORMOUS!! I would guess a good pint if not more, served in a cup I could have got bathed in!
    I drank about a quarter of it, the rest was totally wasted ……waste of resources and money, I wont be doing that again

  2. Hear hear. Long been a bugbear of mine, I’m glad someone has blogged it at last.

    It’s not just Pret, though. Pretty certain the other coffee chains do the same.

    Interestingly, you do NOT get a receipt in Pret if you use the wavy/Oystercard type payment method they have recently installed in Pret and Nero. I know Barclays debit card have that technology, don’t know about other bank cards.

    Why not make receipts for small transactions opt-in? Other environmentally unsound annoyances like plastic bags are now distributed on an opt-in basis inany stores.

  3. Isn’t the problem with Bourgeois-McMuffin that they needed to use the same till software as their past corporate owner, McDonalds?

    • Michael: McDonalds was never the owner. It bought and then sold a third of the company at one point, but it was never the actual or de facto owner – and I don’t think the till software changed at either point. Though if you can point me at any evidence that says otherwise…?

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