What’s the most inspirational short liberal text you’re read or heard?

Looking back at general Liberal Democrat policy documents over the last decade and more, such as pre-manifesto documents or theme-setting pieces which range across multiple policy areas, they’ve almost all generated a chorus of complaints of ‘that’s not inspiring’.

Sometimes that’s just less self-seeking sounding cover for ‘bah, it’s not got *my* favourite policy in and everyone who matters agrees with me – so that’s bound to mean the whole document is awful’.

But only sometimes.

What I do wonder, however, is whether the format – a short preface, often from the current leader, followed by pages of details – ever really can be that inspiring except in the most exceptional of cases. (Had Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address prefaced a long policy document on detailed reform of American laws, fair enough – that would have scored.)

Hence my question: what’s the most inspiring short piece of liberal writing you’ve read or heard?


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