What might the general election posters look like? The Lib Dems

The Independent on Sunday asked a series of ad agencies to mockup suggested adverts for the political parties to run just before polling day. For the Liberal Democrats they turned to Whistlejacket London, recently founded by amongst others long-time Liberal Democrat activist and blogger Richard Morris.

Here’s what they came up with for the Liberal Democrats:

Mocked up Lib Dem election poster

Title ‘Iron fist, velvet glove’

Agency Whistlejacket London

“Unlike the negative advertising that will dominate the campaign, we believe that the final message to a voter should ultimately be positive. The Lib Dems have campaigned consistently as the one party that will deliver robust fiscal probity (hence the iron fist) while protecting the vulnerable (the velvet glove). It’s a strong image that combines the strength of a party of government with the history of a party of protest.”

Richard Morris, founder, Whistlejacket London

John Rentoul’s verdict: A big problem for a centre party is that it seems wishy-washy and weak. I think this is a clever counter-punch.

The Lib Dem one gets the pick as the best of the set, the rest of which you can see here.

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