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Over-sized receipts: Pret replies

An impressively quick and direct response to my message.

First the auto-reply:

You’ve shared your idea with us, thank you.  Was it a food idea?  The food team meet every Wednesday afternoon to discuss our food and everything our customers have suggested.  If you’ve suggested a new shop, we are growing, but slowly (one at a time, no rush) so it’s just possible that there will be a Pret closer to you one day.  Whatever you’ve said will be added to our weekly report that’s passed round the the whole company. Clive, Julian, and the rest of the directors pore over it every Tuesday.

Then the personal reply:

Thanks for your email. I am sorry if you are finding our receipts a little on the large side. We ask our team members to try not to automatically give out receipts to reduce waste. However, I will pass your comments to our Marketing and Operations teams for their thoughts. Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.

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