Ukip council group in Southend expels its own Parliamentary candidate

Strange and threatening letters about gyms, weird policies about stopping parents driving, the departure of Ukip’s manifesto author from the job, and now Southend makes its contribution to Ukip’s unusual start to the year: the council group has kicked out one of its members, who is also the party’s Parliamentary candidate locally.

The Echo reports:

Floyd Waterworth, the anti-EU party’s candidate for Rochford and Southend East, has been booted out of the council’s Ukip group on Southend Council after a fraught few months.

Tensions have been high between Mr Waterworth and James Moyies, leader of the five strong Ukip group on the council…

In November, the Echo reported Mr Waterworth was accused of using a confidential database of party members to canvass for selection and ferrying less mobile members to the vote, a claim he also denies.

Mr Moyies was later suspended from the Ukip party nationally, but allowed to carry on as group council leader, with the suspension later revoked.

That earlier suspension followed Waterworth just beating Moyies for the Parliamentary candidate selection.

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