Bits of the online general election I never got round to writing about

Although I wrote and appeared in the media aplenty talking about the internet and its impact during the 2010 general election and in its immediate aftermath, there are thirteen posts from others that I’ve never quite got round to writing about or using in my work.

So rather than have them linger forever in the bookmarked section of my feed reader, here’s the list of thirteen for my future reference and your possible interest:

UPDATE: A few other bits to file away here:

  • Chris Fox, Liberal Democrat Chief Executive, speaking during the campaign: “It’s still the paper election”, “The digital space is built to be two-way” and “Never has it been easier to respond to politicians”
  • There were 6,000 online donors to the Liberal Democrats during the election campaign
  • 250,000 people visited the main Liberal Democrat website from the launch of the manifesto until the day after the first TV debate

UPDATE 2: And some sundry figures from the 2008 London Mayor election:

  • Boris Johnson raised £100,000 online in donations of £50 or less
  • Boris Johnson raised £52,000 in £2 donations via text messaging

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