Hello Conservatives?

Ah, it’s started up again.

By which I mean comments appearing on Liberal Democrat Voice which have all the following in common:

  1. First time comment from someone
  2. Minimal name information given
  3. Person uses “us” or similar phrases to talk about the Liberal Democrats
  4. Person says the party is heading for disaster, eats babies and doesn’t know how to make chocolate cake (I paraphrase slightly)
  5. Person’s comments echo remarkably what Conservatives are saying

So I’ve had a bit of a clear out. If by mistake I’ve zapped a comment from you by mistake apologies – just get in touch to let me know. Oh, and if you are a Conservative, you’re welcome to comment on Lib Dem Voice, providing (a) you don’t pretend to be a Liberal Democrat, and (b) it’s not just a string of abuse.


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