Sssh! Do not mention this poll finding

Remember, the only comment about turnout in elections you’re allowed to make in public is a pessimistic one.

Campaigning for electoral reform? Remember you can only progress your cause by doing down the state of the current system.

Regulating the system? It’s all got to be bad news, because the worse the system the more a regulator is needed to improve things.

Journalist? Don’t be so naive as to think moderately good news on turnout should ever be reported. It’s got to always be DOOM. If you’re lucky one day it’ll be proved that voting gives you cancer.

Member of the public? Look if reformers, regulators and the media are all always telling you how bad things are, who are you to ever question that?

Unless, ahem, you’ve been a reader of this blog over the years, pointing out that turnout is not all doom and gloom. In which case I think I can trust you to keep this little secret.

100 days out from the 2010 general election polling day, Mori found 52% of the public saying there was absolutely certain to vote. 100 days out from the 2015 general election polling day, Mori found that had risen to 61%.

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