Two-thirds of pensioners know nothing about Lib Dem pension policy

In January I pointed out that nearly half of tactical voters get it wrong, and hence the need to keep on reminding people of tactical voting messages and facts well beyond the point at which activists can recite them backwards, in a foreign language, in their sleep.

Here’s a different take on why such heavy repetition is required: 66% of pensioners say they have no idea what Liberal Democrat policy on pensions is. Yet this is an area that the party has massively prioritised for public spending, has the minister for and has strong, simple headline policies.

Compared to other policy areas and even to an extent other parties, this figure isn’t stand out bad. It’s just a nice encapsulation of how little any member of the┬ápublic knows about any party’s policies on anything except with a few rare exceptions – or where the party’s overall identity gives people a strong clue to go by.

That’s why repetition, with just enough variation to avoid boredom, is so important in successful political campaigning. For more on how to do that, see 101 Ways To Win An Election.

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