Rejoice! 11 months (and 1 new government) on and the Home Office responds

Long term readers may recall my concerns over how the Independent Safeguarding Authority was approaching the Vetting and Baring scheme, and in particular the way its guidance suggested that it didn’t really treat being found innocent in a court as counting as being innocent.

The ISA passed the issue on to the Home Office, and – as I previously reported – then there was silence, despite prompts from me. Silence too reigned when I contacted my Labour MP, Jeremy Corbyn, three times about the matter. Between them they didn’t even reply the once.

The ISA had the good grace to be embarrassed by this, and did respond (and in a positive way about the parts of the issue within their remit).

But post-election, and with a new ministerial team in place at the Home Office, I thought I’d try once again. And you know what? Bingo, a prompt and detailed reply – and one that lays out a position very different (and much better) from the one in the original guidance that I’d started off commenting on. With revised guidance being produced, it looks as if my original concerns are all being covered.

Good news.

Oh, and what was at the bottom of the reply? That original email from me to the Home Office which had gone unanswered for so long but clearly had safely reached them. Amazing what a change in ministers can do…

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